FR Flow Restrictor

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FR Flow Restrictor

Flow Restrictors avoid the need to adjust the flow rate due to change in cage number and ensures AVMA compliance of CO2 flow using a set pressure. The Flow Restrictor is chosen based on the specific cage volume and calculated to be within the 2013 AVMA recommended 10% – 30% fill rate. Consistent pressure is required to ensure the specified flow rate is achieved. Inline regulators are required when using a house gas source to avoid any fluctuations in pressure that may cause a variation in flow rate.

Flow Restrictors are an essential accessory when connecting multiple cages to the Lab Control Unit models EA-32002C, EA-34000, and EA-34004C. For use with any size Euthanex lid between the lid and the lid stem. The Flow Restrictor can also be incorporated into any of our Sure-Seal Chambers. Verify cage size(s) and contact us to learn more.