MSVF-8 (160 Cage Chamber System)

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MSVF-8 Multi-Level Selection 8 Chamber Tandem Rack

Compliant with AVMA Guidelines

  • Accommodates up to 160 shoebox mouse cages or 32 standard rat cages
  • Independent level operation increases efficiency
  • Interactive control panel facilitates easy training and operation
  • Fully automated preset times and flow rates for each species and number of chambers in use
  • Automation virtually eliminates operator error and conserves CO2 consumption
  • After starting system, technician is free to do other work
  • Programs can be customized based on facility requirements
  • Optional lockout features can limit access for specified time ranges (e.g. nights, weekends)
  • Password-protected presets ensure only authorized personnel can make program changes
  • Electronically monitored safety system prevents operation when chamber door is not properly closed
  • Doors automatically lock during operation and unlock after evacuation
  • Gas is fully evacuated if system shuts down before cycle completion
  • Warning light indicates loss of CO2 supply
  • Automatically adjusts flow rates when new cycles are initiated

The MSVF-8 SMARTBOX® Multi-Level Selection 8 Chamber Tandem Rack System with Exhaust Blower is the most advanced and versatile automated CO2 delivery system on the market. Four separate gas levels are controlled independently. Specific species can be designated for a single level or any combination of levels. Tiers can be programmed and cycles started while other levels are in use. The MSVF-8 system increases flexibility to maximize operating efficiency.

The MSVF-8 automates a three-stage euthanasia cycle by controlling flow rate and timing variables. At the start of the cycle, doors automatically lock and will not unlock until CO2 evacuation is complete.

Stage One secures doors and anesthetizes animals by slowly raising CO2 concentration, and automatically adjusts gas flow to bring CO2 to euthanizing concentrations.
Stage Two (Dwell Time) all CO2 shuts off and utilizes the fully charged chamber to ensure proper euthanasia of all animals.
Stage Three evacuates all CO2, shuts down the system once the chambers are fully purged, and unlocks the chamber doors.

Clear polycarbonate doors provide visibility while the front-loading, swing-down design offers easy cage access. The airtight, gasket-sealed doors prevent gas leakage during operation. The manifold design ensures even gas distribution. The system accommodates the full range of rodent cages from all manufacturers. The included cart provides mobility for easy chamber cleaning.

MSVF-8 includes:
SMARTBOX Side Control Box, eight M1 Chambers, Exhaust Blower, 8 feet of 4” Exhaust Tubing, two 4” Hose Clamps, Stainless Steel Mobile Cart


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