M1-TSFM-3 Touch Screen 60 Cage System

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M1-TSFM-3 Touch Screen Triple Chamber System

Compliant with AVMA Guidelines

  • Accommodates up to 60 shoebox mouse cages or 12 standard rat cages
  • Independent level operation increases efficiency
  • Touch screen controller facilitates easy operation and includes training videos
  • Automation virtually eliminates operator error and conserves CO2 consumption
  • After starting system, technician is free to do other work
  • Programs can be customized based on facility requirements
  • Password-protected presets ensure only authorized personnel can make program changes
  • Input unlimited species and users
  • Limit user access to designated species
  • Electronically monitored safety system prevents operation when chamber doors are not properly closed
  • Doors automatically lock during operation and unlock after evacuation
  • Gas is fully evacuated if system shuts down before cycle completion
  • Log program records users and all activities performed

The M1-TSFM-3 is the latest addition to our Smartbox family. Operators now have individual control of each chamber allowing simultaneous selection of different species. The new triple chamber system features a 1080 dpi color touch screen. This new feature allows administrators to program unlimited species types and users. The administrators now have the power to add secondary CO2 charges and dwell periods for any species that may require longer exposure. Individual users can be assigned independent passwords and the administrator can grant access to specific species type. This feature is appealing when the entire facility has access to the Smartbox system. The new controller also includes Wi-Fi allowing for simple remote access. Administrators now can access log reports to all their systems online. How to videos are installed for easy training for new personal.

M1-TSFM-3 includes:
SMARTBOX  Side Control Box, FM-1 Flow Meter, three M1 Chambers, Exhaust Blower, 8 feet of 4″ Exhaust Tubing, two 4″ Hose Clamps Stainless Steel Mobile Cart